Leave Your Ratty Sneaks At Home: How To Dress Up Your Jeans

Leave Your Ratty Sneaks At Home: How To Dress Up Your Jeans

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It’s no secret that jeans have become a standard staple of today’s street style. In fact, the total number of denim jeans sold worldwide is at 1,240,000,000. Needless to say, that’s a lot of pants.

But that’s only pants. According to a survey by Boutique @ Ogilvy, a fashion public relations firm, the average man spends $85 a month on clothing.

But despite our love for clothes, some guys just can’t get the right aesthetic. Here are a few ways you can dress up your jeans so your own style becomes something worth looking twice at.

  1. Wear the right rise
    When it comes to dressing up your jeans and going for a more classic look, you want to stay away from low-rise and high-rise jeans. Stick with mid-rise jeans to create a more balanced look.
  2. Get the right kicks
    If style is what you’re aiming for, leave your ratty Converse at home. Kick it up a notch with more fashionable kicks like wingtip or cap toe shoes that are made of leather. For those who hate dress shoes with a passion, step into a pair of sneakers that aren’t worn out and are visibly clean. The classier your shoes are, the classier your outfit will look.
  3. Wear a button-down shirt
    When guys think of a button-down shirt, they often think about what their dad wears to work. But that’s not true. A button-down shirt can come in a wide array of styles and can be worn tons of different ways. What’s more, when you artfully roll up the sleeves you immediately get a more casual look that’s still dressed up.
  4. Go slim
    When you want to look the most clean cut in your jeans, you want to go for a fit that’s slim, not tight. Slim, straight-leg jeans will give you a proper fit that accentuates your build without any bunching on the bottom.

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