From The Street To The Office: How To Make Skatewear Look Professional

From The Street To The Office: How To Make Skatewear Look Professional

skater clothing brandsIt’s no secret that skatewear has taken the fashion world by storm. Skatewear has a sense of creativity and urban cool that other types of fashion lack. It comes from the grittiness of skateboard culture where anti-authority and personal freedom reign supreme.
Or should we say Supreme.
But the casual look of skatewear can be a little too informal as you start to get older and enter the workforce. Luckily, there’s a way you can wear something work-appropriate while still calling back to your skatewear roots and favorite skater clothing brands. In fact, there are five ways:

  1. Pump up your kicks
    One fashion trend that isn’t going away any time soon is the classy sneaker with a suit. Th average man aged 18 and up spends $85 a month on clothing. Whether you’re wearing a pair of nice jeans or decked out in a tie, a pair of nice skate shoes will work with it. Just be sure to keep them clean. Ratty sneaks are a no-go.

  3. Throw a blazer over your graphic tees
    Certain t-shirts aren’t classy enough to wear to work. But simple, logo-blazoned shirts like those common in skatewear work well with workwear. Throw a nice (fitted!) blazer over a crisp classic tee and you’re good to go.

  5. Style your favorite faded jeans
    As long as your jeans aren’t hanging off your body, a pair with a few rips and fades here and there can work with a business casual look. You just want to be sure that your jeans are the only casual piece or else your outfit will look less professional. Pair your jeans with a bomber jacket or a blazer.

  7. Keep your head covered with a baseball cap
     Baseball caps are one of those casual fashion staples. But they work well with workwear too if you’re careful. Pair them with another part of your outfit to keep from looking like you’re headed out for the ballpark. For instance, black jeans and a black hat work well together. Keep in mind, though, that baseball caps may only work if you’re working in a more casual office space.

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