Vest Vending Machine Is Peak San Francisco, Attracts Internet Roasting

Vest Vending Machine Is Peak San Francisco, Attracts Internet Roasting

supreme polo shirtsIn the United States, three factors influence shoppers most when selecting clothing online: price (87%), shipping (80%), and cost (76%). Presently, you can get pretty much anything you want online if you’re willing to pay, wait, and have it shipped.

While online shopping is convenient and a preferred shopping method around the world, there are some instances when time is of the essence. One cannot online order freshly dropped Supreme polo shirts, t-shirts, bags, baseball caps, or any other manner of new item from a collection. Some releases are exclusive and require people to stand in, brace yourselves, lines.

Well, Silicon Valley doesn’t have time for that. In a wave of social media posts, people are giving San Francisco a hard time for being so painfully San Francisco. In 2016, Business Insider poked fun at vests — the outerwear — being “the most quintessentially VC item in an investor’s wardrobe.”

Following this, flying into San Francisco International Airport, the epicenter on tech-based venture capital, you can buy vests from a vending machine. The airport has a vending machine from which you can purchase the VC wardrobe staple for a mere $50. Presumably to match fellow VCs before hopping on an electric bike and zipping to a funding meeting.

The internet is having a heyday making fun of the machine and the business it attracts. Some of the tweets associated with the machine are VC related comedic gold, one saying it provides “automatic vesting” to purchasers.

You won’t see supreme polo shirts popping out of a vending machine to fit in with an urban streetwear vibe, but we can’t knock the success of the vest-vending machine in San Francisco. With only three options, a t-shirt, a light down jacket, and the vest, the Uniqlo vending machine generates upwards of $10,000 per month.

It’s comforting to know that if they’ve forgotten a vital piece of the VC uniform, it’s $50 and a vending machine away just after getting off the plane. You know what they say about hardball tech investing, you can’t have your heart on your sleeve if you’re wearing a vest. Suit up and get vested.

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