Styles Coming Back That You Should Know About

Styles Coming Back That You Should Know About

buy supreme clothingWe’ll be the first ones to admit that if you buy Supreme clothing, you already know how weird fashion can be. Styles are decidedly out then show up back in decades (sometimes less) later. Bags, baseball caps, and t-shirts alike are subject to the trends of current fashion.


Vogue paints a picture of the typical Supreme customer being between 18 and 25 years old and just wants to buy cool stuff. Which, like, duh. We’d like to see everyone just wanting to buy cool stuff, but we’ll definitely start with our market and our people.


So, what’s coming back on the scene that you need to know about? Whether or not you want to jump on the wagon and wear the styles is your call. We’re just the messenger.


They carry all your things and they’re making a huge comeback. You buy Supreme clothing, so we know you’ve seen our fannypacks. From high-end fashion to streetwear to your mom’s multi-colored neon fannypack from the 80s, they’re everywhere and here to stay. Whether you want to wear it the classic way or take the Supreme route and sling it over your shoulder, it’s a must-have accessory from back then, but made for now.

Formerly questionable footwear

We’re mainly talking about slide-on sandals and clunky sneakers. Otherwise known informally as Dad sneakers, chunky, strangely colored lace-up shoes are coming back into style. The shoes you once were embarrassed to see your Dad rocking? They’re being worn again. He’d be proud.


Slides are coming back all throughout the fashion world. Rock them with socks or barefoot, they’re an accessory that can be bum-chic, yet somehow dressed up. Look for a bright pair to pop or a subtle color to blend and you’ll have a convenient, dependable piece in your footwear lineup.


When we say shorts, we mean shorts. Not cargo shorts. Nothing past the knee. Back in the 70s and 80s, shorts were exactly what the name calls them: short. We, the prodigal, have returned home to the short-shorts glory of yore and we’ve pulled Legscalibur from the stone. Show your thighs with pride, because shorts are back and they’re glorious.


Go forth, you fashionable, fabulous butterflies. The world is your runway, flutter with pride.

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